Netflix India has reached a significant milestone, with its Indian movies and shows amassing over 100 crore (1 billion) views between July and December 2023. This impressive achievement highlights the growing popularity of Indian content on the global streaming platform.

Top Performing Indian Movies on Netflix

According to the “What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report,” several Indian films stood out in terms of viewership during the latter half of 2023. Sujoy Ghosh’s thriller “Jaane Jaan” emerged as the most-watched Indian movie, garnering 20.2 million views. The film’s gripping narrative and stellar performances contributed to its widespread appeal.

Following “Jaane Jaan,” Shah Rukh Khan’s action-packed film “Jawan” secured 16.2 million views, making it the second most-watched Indian movie on Netflix during this period. Vishal Bhardwaj’s spy thriller “Khufiya” also performed well, attracting 12.1 million viewers.

Other notable Indian films that captivated audiences included:

  • “OMG 2”: With 11.5 million views, this sequel to the popular satirical comedy “OMG” continued to engage audiences with its thought-provoking storyline.
  • “Lust Stories 2”: This anthology film, featuring four short stories, recorded 9.2 million views, highlighting its success in the anthology genre.
  • “Dream Girl 2”: The comedy film entertained 8.2 million viewers with its humorous take on love and relationships.

Indian Web Shows Gaining Global Attention

Indian web series also made a significant impact on Netflix, attracting viewers not only from India but also from around the world. “The Railway Men,” a Netflix original series based on the 1984 Bhopal gas leak tragedy, was the top-performing Indian show with 10.6 million views. The series’ compelling depiction of the disaster and its aftermath resonated deeply with audiences.

Another standout series was “Kohraa,” a gripping thriller that garnered 6.4 million views. The show’s intricate plot and strong performances kept viewers hooked.

Other popular web shows included:

  • “Gun and Gulaabs”: This quirky crime thriller captured the interest of 6.4 million viewers.
  • “Kaala Paani”: With 5.8 million views, this survival drama set in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands captivated audiences with its unique premise.

Netflix India’s Financial Performance

The surge in viewership of Indian content has positively impacted Netflix India’s financial performance. The company reported a 75% year-on-year (YoY) increase in net profits, reaching INR 35 crore in the financial year 2022-23 (FY23). Operating revenues also saw a significant jump, growing 24% YoY to INR 2,214 crore, up from INR 1,784 crore in FY22.

Factors Driving Netflix’s Success in India

Several factors have contributed to Netflix’s success in India, particularly during the second half of 2023. One of the primary drivers has been the platform’s extensive and diverse content library, which includes a mix of regional and international titles. This variety has helped attract a broad audience base.

Additionally, Netflix’s strategic initiatives, such as its crackdown on password sharing and the introduction of reduced subscription prices, have played a crucial role in boosting subscriber numbers and engagement. The platform’s decision to lower subscription prices made it more accessible to a larger segment of the Indian population, thereby increasing its user base.

Netflix’s brand value and reputation for high-quality content have also been significant factors in its favor. The platform’s consistent delivery of engaging and well-produced shows and movies has helped retain subscribers and attract new ones.

Competitive Landscape and Challenges

Despite its successes, Netflix India faces stiff competition from other streaming platforms. JioCinema and Disney+ Hotstar are poised to merge their India operations, creating a formidable challenger. This consolidated entity will benefit from key sports streaming rights and content partnerships with HBO and Disney, enhancing its appeal to Indian viewers.

Moreover, Reliance-backed JioCinema’s move to slash subscription prices to INR 29 per month presents a significant challenge for Netflix. This aggressive pricing strategy is likely to attract cost-conscious consumers, potentially impacting Netflix’s subscriber growth.

Future Prospects for Netflix India

Looking ahead, Netflix India’s ability to maintain its momentum will depend on its continued investment in local content and strategic pricing adjustments. The platform’s focus on producing and acquiring high-quality Indian shows and movies will be crucial in retaining its competitive edge.

Furthermore, Netflix’s efforts to expand its reach in regional markets within India could drive further growth. By offering content in various regional languages and catering to diverse cultural preferences, Netflix can attract a wider audience and strengthen its position in the Indian market.


Netflix India’s achievement of over 100 crore views for Indian content in the second half of 2023 underscores the platform’s growing influence in the Indian entertainment industry. With strategic initiatives and a strong content lineup, Netflix has successfully captured the attention of Indian viewers. However, the company must navigate a competitive landscape and continue innovating to sustain its growth and maintain its leadership position in the market.

In summary, Netflix India’s remarkable viewership numbers for Indian movies and shows reflect the platform’s effective engagement strategies and robust content offerings. As the streaming giant continues to evolve and adapt to market dynamics, it remains well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for digital entertainment in India.

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