A section of Delhi’s Gokulpuri metro station collapsed on Thursday, raising concerns of potential injuries and damages, including suspected trapped motorcycles.

Incident Details

Emergency services, including the fire department and police, were alerted to the incident around 10 am, indicating an immediate response to the situation.

Location and Line Information

Gokulpuri metro station is situated along the Pink Line of the Delhi Metro network, which spans 38 stations from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar, covering various parts of the national capital.

Immediate Response Required

The collapse has prompted urgent efforts to assess the extent of the damage and address any potential risks to public safety. Authorities are working swiftly to secure the area and commence rescue operations if necessary.

Concerns for Safety and Infrastructure

The incident underscores the importance of vigilance regarding the safety and structural integrity of public infrastructure, especially critical transportation facilities like metro stations.

Ongoing Investigation

An investigation into the cause of the collapse is likely underway, with authorities focusing on identifying any underlying factors that contributed to the incident.


As the situation unfolds, efforts are underway to manage the aftermath of the collapse and ensure the safety of commuters and surrounding areas. Updates regarding the incident are expected as authorities work to address the situation and mitigate any potential risks.

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