Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on a significant visit to Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, laying the foundation for transformative development projects. This live coverage captures the essence of his initiatives, focusing on infrastructure, farmer welfare, and sustainable practices.

Tamil Nadu Development Unveiling

In Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, PM Modi initiates the construction of the Outer Harbor Container Terminal at VO Chidambaranar Port. This project aims to elevate the port into a transshipment hub, with a strategic focus on becoming the first Green Hydrogen Hub. Plans include a desalination plant and hydrogen production facilities, showcasing India’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Green Hydrogen Vessel Inauguration

The Prime Minister launches India’s maiden indigenous green hydrogen fuel cell inland waterway vessel, marking a significant stride towards clean energy and environmental consciousness. This venture aligns with the nation’s goal of promoting green technologies and reducing carbon footprints.

Maharashtra’s Farmer-Centric Projects

In Yavatmal, Maharashtra, PM Modi dedicates projects worth Rs 4900 crore, emphasizing farmer welfare with a budgetary allocation of over Rs 3 lakh crore for 11 crore families. The projects include a Revolving Fund for women’s Self Help Groups, the launch of Modi Awaas Gharkul Yojana for OBC beneficiaries, and the distribution of one crore Ayushman cards.

Addressing the Crowd

Amidst chants of ‘Modi Modi,’ the Prime Minister addresses the crowd, underscoring the BJP’s commitment to the principle of Nation First. He highlights the government’s efforts in ensuring the safe return of Indians trapped globally during crises, showcasing a robust and responsible governance approach.

Critique of DMK Government

PM Modi takes a critical stance against the DMK government, accusing them of despising religious faith and attempting to divide the nation. He refers to instances where DMK members left the Parliament during discussions related to the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir, illustrating a discord in ideologies.

Punishing DMK for False Credit

Expressing displeasure over the DMK claiming false credit for developmental schemes, PM Modi emphasizes the need to hold the party accountable. He accuses the DMK of affixing their stickers on BJP’s schemes and taking credit falsely. The Prime Minister asserts that it is time to reprimand the DMK for their actions.

Future Road Projects in Tamil Nadu

PM Modi announces the launch of additional road projects in Tamil Nadu, totaling approximately ₹4,586 crore. These projects include the four-laning of the Jittandahalli-Dharmapuri section of NH-844, two-laning with paved shoulders of the Meensurutti-Chidambaram section of NH-81, four-laning of the Oddanchatram-Madathukulam section of NH-83, and two-laning with paved shoulders of the Nagapattinam-Thanjavur section of NH-83.


Prime Minister Modi’s visit unfolds as a dynamic showcase of India’s commitment to development, sustainability, and farmer welfare. The unveiling of groundbreaking projects in both Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra reflects a holistic vision for progress and prosperity. Stay tuned for more live updates on this transformative journey

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