Salaar: Cease Fire – Part 1, featuring Prabhas, has concluded its first six days at the Box Office, creating waves with an India net collection of ₹295.4 crore. Despite remarkable success domestically, the movie faces a unique scenario in overseas earnings, particularly in comparison to Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki.

Box Office Performance in India:

The film’s journey commenced with a robust ₹90.7 crore on the opening Friday. The Telugu version led with ₹66.75 crore, followed by Hindi (₹15.75 crore), Malayalam (₹3.55 crore), Tamil (₹3.75 crore), and Kannada (₹90 lakh). The second day witnessed a decline of 37.87%, bringing in ₹56.35 crore. However, Sunday marked a rebound with a 10.12% increase, totaling ₹62.05 crore. Hindi collections notably contributed ₹21.1 crore. Despite a dip on Monday (25.38% decrease, ₹46.3 crore), the film continued its pattern, earning ₹24.9 crore on Tuesday, a 46.22% drop. By the sixth day (Wednesday), Salaar accumulated ₹15.1 crore.

Global Box Office Triumph:

Post Day 5, Salaar’s worldwide Gross Box Office Collection (GBOC) reached ₹428.9 crore, with overseas earnings at ₹98 crore. On Day 6, the movie crossed ₹450.70 crore GBOC globally.

Overseas Dynamics:

Intriguingly, while Salaar outperformed Rajkumar Hirani’s Bollywood movie in India, it fell behind Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki in overseas collections. Dunki achieved the ₹100-crore milestone in overseas earnings within five days, showcasing the global appeal of both films.


Salaar’s domestic success and global reach underscore its impact on the cinematic landscape. As it continues its Box Office journey, the movie stands as a testament to Prabhas’ star power and the audience’s diverse preferences, creating an engaging narrative that transcends borders.

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