Saudi Fintech Startup Aims to Revolutionize Corporate Expense Management

The worldwide expenditure management business is expanding rapidly, fueled by reasons such as increased internet penetration, technology developments, and a renewed emphasis on corporate financial prudence. According to Grand View Research, the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 10.3% by 2030. This trend is especially noticeable in emerging markets such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where firms are increasingly using cost management systems to acquire a better understanding of their spending habits. Taking advantage of this regional trend, Saudi Arabia’s Simplified Financial Solutions Company (SiFi) has raised $10 million in a seed fundraising round. This money will support SiFi’s ambitious expansion goals in the Kingdom’s booming spend management market.

Sanabil Investments and RAED Ventures Lead Seed Funding Round

The funding round was spearheaded by Sanabil Investments, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), and RAED Ventures, a prominent early-stage MENA venture capital firm. This significant investment signifies growing confidence in SiFi’s innovative approach to corporate expense management.

Founded in 2021, Bridging the Gap in Fragmented Expense Management

SiFi, founded in 2021 by Ahmed Alhakbani, enables enterprises to manage their whole spending spectrum, including vendor and bill payments. The company’s goal gained traction after it received an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license from the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in 2023. This license enables SiFi to provide a broad array of services, including e-wallets and smart corporate cards.

Inspiration from Firsthand Experience

Alhakbani’s inspiration for SiFi stemmed from his prior experience as the head of customs in Saudi Arabia. He witnessed firsthand the fragmented nature of expense management practices across headquarters and entry points within the Kingdom. This fragmentation created significant challenges in tracking and controlling expenditures, potentially leading to misuse of funds.

Streamlined Expense Management with Enhanced Control

SiFi’s platform offers its customers a solution to these inefficiencies. It provides granular control over corporate card usage, allowing companies to set spending limits at specific merchant categories or geographic locations. Additionally, the platform facilitates expense reimbursement requests for employees who may not utilize corporate cards. They can submit expense reports and invoices directly through the platform.

Benefits Beyond Expense Management

Alhakbani explains how SiFi goes beyond just managing expenses. The software addresses common issues with corporate spending, such as human error, fraudulent activities, inefficient procedures, approval delays, and restricted visibility into spending patterns. “We believe SiFi has the potential to significantly enhance the effectiveness of finance departments,” he said. “Our goal is to evolve beyond just expense management and offer a comprehensive suite of spend management solutions that cater to the entire organization.”

Scalable Technology Platform: Potential for Global Expansion

While SiFi’s current focus is on solidifying its position within the Saudi Arabian market, the company has built a scalable technology platform. This platform allows for seamless integration across diverse markets, paving the way for potential future expansion beyond Saudi Arabia’s borders.

Competition in the MENA Region: A Growing Landscape

SiFi is not alone in the MENA region’s spend management landscape. The company faces competition from established players like Saudi Arabia’s Sanad, UAE-based Pemo (which secured a significant seed round in 2022), and Alaan. However, SiFi’s innovative approach, combined with the strategic backing of prominent investors, positions them well to capture a significant market share.

Additional Investors Join the Funding Round

Beyond Sanabil Investments and RAED Ventures, the seed funding round saw participation from several other investors. These included anb Seed, Rua Ventures, Byld, and KBW Ventures. Existing venture capital firms like Khwarizmi Ventures, Seedra Ventures, and Tech Invest Com also reaffirmed their confidence in SiFi by participating in the round.

Saudi Startup Ecosystem Flourishes Despite Global VC Slowdown

SiFi’s successful funding demonstrates the resiliency of Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial environment. Despite a global slowdown in venture capital activity, Saudi businesses continue to receive significant funding. This trend demonstrates the Saudi government’s dedication to creating an enabling environment for innovators and entrepreneurs. The government’s programs seek to diversify the country’s economic streams and minimize its reliance on oil by fostering a vibrant technology and startup industry.

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