Amidst the absence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, his wife Sunita Kejriwal has taken center stage in AAP’s political arena, prompting discussions on her role within the party. AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj recently emphasized Sunita Kejriwal’s significance in maintaining party cohesion during these challenging times, asserting that her presence has positively influenced the party cadre.

Sunita Kejriwal’s Vital Role

In a candid interaction with PTI editors, Saurabh Bharadwaj, a cabinet minister in the Delhi government and prominent AAP leader, shed light on Sunita Kejriwal’s pivotal role within the party. He underscored her effectiveness in delivering the messages of Arvind Kejriwal, especially during his absence due to judicial custody.

Positive Impact on Party Cadre

Bharadwaj elaborated on the positive impact of Sunita Kejriwal’s involvement in AAP’s affairs, stating that her engagement has resonated well with the party cadre and sympathizers alike. He highlighted the importance of maintaining an emotional connection between the leadership and grassroots supporters, asserting that Sunita Kejriwal’s presence has contributed significantly to this aspect of party dynamics.

Support Amidst Challenging Circumstances

With Arvind Kejriwal currently in judicial custody, Sunita Kejriwal’s active participation in AAP’s activities has garnered attention. Despite the challenging circumstances, her unwavering support and effective communication of Arvind Kejriwal’s messages have bolstered the party’s morale and unity.

Digital Briefings and Political Debut

Sunita Kejriwal’s engagement with AAP has been evident through her participation in digital briefings, where she has conveyed Arvind Kejriwal’s messages to the public. Her recent address at the INDIA bloc ‘maharally’ marked a significant political debut, further solidifying her role within the party amidst her husband’s absence.

Future Campaigning and Messaging

While speculations arise regarding Sunita Kejriwal’s potential involvement in future election campaigns, Bharadwaj maintained that such decisions remain personal to her. However, her active participation in party activities, especially during Arvind Kejriwal’s absence, underscores her importance in AAP’s political landscape.

Unity Amidst Adversity

The recent gesture of AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, who paid respects to Sunita Kejriwal after his release from custody, reflects the party’s commitment to unity amidst adversity. Singh’s actions exemplify the familial bond within AAP, emphasizing solidarity and support during challenging times.

Cultural Significance

Bharadwaj highlighted the cultural significance of Singh’s gesture, citing it as a reflection of traditional values and familial responsibility. He emphasized the importance of maintaining unity within the party, especially during periods of hardship, and praised Singh’s act as a testament to AAP’s cohesive spirit.

As Sunita Kejriwal assumes a more prominent role within AAP, her influence on party unity and morale becomes increasingly evident. Amidst Arvind Kejriwal’s absence, her active involvement in conveying his messages and maintaining party cohesion underscores her significance within AAP’s political landscape.

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