In the ever-evolving world of chai, a new player has emerged, and it’s causing quite a stir among chai lovers. The Amul Butter Chai, served at Vicky Tea Stall in Amritsar, is a peculiar concoction that has sparked a debate between the adventurous and the traditionalists.

Innovation at Vicky Tea Stall

This unconventional blend features a steaming cup of tea with a generous scoop of Amul butter, accompanied by dry fruits and rose petals. The unique offering has become a topic of online discussion, with chai enthusiasts falling into two camps.

Divergent Opinions

Supporters of the Amul Butter Chai argue that the addition of dry fruits and rose petals is not entirely unprecedented, drawing parallels with Kashmiri chai. While the incorporation of butter may be a new twist, some find the overall combination appealing.

Skeptics and Criticisms

On the flip side, traditional chai aficionados express skepticism about introducing butter into their beloved beverage. Online comments range from playful suggestions, like adding vegetables and fruits, to outright disapproval, with some claiming the innovation has “ruined the fun of tea.” A few even humorously proclaim, “Now death is definite.”

Social Media Buzz

The online discourse echoes previous instances where unconventional chai recipes faced resistance. From rasgulla chai to egg and fruit chai, and tea with ice cream, chai experimentation remains a polarizing subject among chai enthusiasts.


The Amul Butter Chai exemplifies the ongoing trend of unconventional food experiments capturing attention on the internet. While these combinations may not always win unanimous approval, they undeniably attract eyeballs and spark discussions, showcasing the diverse and evolving nature of culinary exploration.

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