ThinKuvate, a Singapore-based angel investing network, has secured a SEBI license to launch its first India-focused fund with a corpus of INR 100 crore. The fund would seek to invest in early-stage technology businesses ranging from seed to pre-Series A across industries.

New Fund Launch

ThinKuvate, a Singapore-based angel investment network, recently obtained a SEBI license to launch its first India-focused fund. With a strong corpus of INR 100 crore, this fund is ready to support early-stage technology firms in a variety of sectors, from seed to pre-Series A.

Investor-Centric Roadshows

ThinKuvate has scheduled a series of investor-focused roadshows in key Indian cities such as Nagpur, Raipur, Bengaluru, and Chennai to kick off its fundraising efforts. These roadshows are designed to recruit high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and family offices to become Limited Partners (LPs) in the fund. The fund’s first closing is expected to occur in the current quarter.

Founders and Team Expansion

ThinKuvate was founded by Nagpur University alumni Ghanshyam Ahuja, Ritesh Toshniwal, and Vikas Saxena. The fund’s core staff has also expanded with the recruitment of Mayank Jain as CEO. This strategic step demonstrates ThinKuvate’s dedication to improving operational capabilities and increasing its impact in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Evolution of ThinKuvate

ThinKuvate has grown from a group of close friends pooling $1.5 million for angel investing to a thriving angel network of 150+ mid to senior professional NRIs. ThinKuvate has actively invested in startups across India and Southeast Asia (SEA) over the last seven years, cementing its position as a key participant in the startup investment environment.

Focus on Mentorship and Support

ThinKuvate’s wide network of specialists adds value to its portfolio firms by offering mentorship, technology assistance, go-to-market strategies, and business development support. According to Ritesh Toshniwal, one of ThinKuvate’s founding partners, the entrepreneurial spirit of India connects strongly with NRIs, creating a natural desire to engage in the Indian market.

Fund Strategy and Investment Goals

The newly created fund plans to invest in 12 to 15 firms per year, with an emphasis on early-stage tech ventures in a variety of industries. ThinKuvate invests up to Rs 3 crore in every company to uncover promising entrepreneurs and unique business ideas with high development potential.

Expansion Plans and Investor Outreach

ThinKuvate’s expansion goals include approaching both foreign and domestic investors, with a target allocation of up to 60% foreign and 40% domestic capital. The fund’s large investor base, which includes approximately 200 individuals, demonstrates the growing interest in startup investments and the opportunity for substantial returns in the Indian market.

ThinKuvate’s entry into the Indian startup ecosystem with its India-focused fund is a watershed moment in the evolution of the angel investing network. ThinKuvate is well-positioned to make a significant effect on the Indian startup environment by focusing on early-stage tech businesses and leveraging its professional network. As the fund begins its fundraising efforts and extends its portfolio, it hopes to contribute to the growth and success of the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs.of the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs.

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