In a move that promises to reshape the business-to-business (B2B) fintech sector in India, Vegapay, a rising star in the industry, has successfully secured $5.5 million in an equity funding round. The investment, led by the prominent venture capital firm Elevation Capital, with participation from existing investor Eximius Ventures, marks a significant milestone for Vegapay and underscores the growing demand for innovative financial technology solutions.

Building on a Strong Foundation

This latest funding round comes on the heels of Vegapay’s initial institutional funding success in 2023, where they secured $1.1 million led by Eximius Ventures. This demonstrates the continued confidence investors have in Vegapay’s vision and capabilities. The newly acquired capital will be strategically directed towards enhancing Vegapay’s product suite, with a particular focus on product development and ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance standards. Additionally, a substantial portion of the funds will be allocated to bolstering Vegapay’s team by hiring top-tier software developers, designers, and engineers.

Streamlining Financial Innovation

Gaurav Mittal, co-founder and CEO of Vegapay, sheds light on the pressing need for solutions like those offered by Vegapay. He highlights the limitations of traditional credit card systems utilized by many financial institutions. These legacy systems, often reliant on complex third-party integrations and lengthy development cycles, hinder innovation within the sector. Vegapay’s platform aims to address this challenge by providing financial institutions with the tools to streamline these processes, enabling them to launch new credit card or loan offerings within a timeframe of just one to two days.

A Comprehensive Fintech Platform

The 55-member strong team at Vegapay has developed a comprehensive platform that automates critical solutions for financial institutions. These solutions include:

  • Card Management Systems: Vegapay offers efficient card management systems, enabling financial institutions to handle card issuance, maintenance, and other related functions with ease.
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI) on Credit Lines: By integrating UPI, a popular digital payments platform in India, with credit lines, Vegapay facilitates seamless and secure credit-based transactions.
  • UPI on Credit Cards: Vegapay’s platform allows financial institutions to offer credit card solutions that leverage the widespread adoption of UPI, further extending the reach of credit card services.
  • Standalone Credit Solutions: Vegapay caters to the diverse needs of financial institutions by providing standalone solutions for credit-based programs. These solutions encompass origination systems, loan collection systems, and co-lending management systems, empowering institutions to manage their credit portfolios effectively.

Founded with a Vision

Established in 2022 by a team of enterprising individuals – Gaurav Mittal, Himanshu Agrawal, Puneet Sharma, and Abhinav Garg – Vegapay’s mission is to empower both established financial institutions and emerging fintech players to expand their reach by facilitating the issuance and increased penetration of credit cards and other lending products. Currently, Vegapay collaborates with over six banks in India, including a major public sector bank with whom they are launching a credit card in the coming month. Additionally, they are partnering with another private sector bank to introduce a credit line on UPI solution.

Global Expansion on the Horizon

Vegapay doesn’t restrict its vision to the Indian market. The company has plans to extend its footprint to other regions with significant growth potential, including Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Their ambitious roadmap projects an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $2 million by the end of December 2025. The company also aims to achieve cash flow positivity and have over 1 million cards in force by the same timeframe.

Validation and a Thriving Ecosystem

Vegapay’s success story resonates with the burgeoning demand for modern credit platforms within financial institutions. Vaas Bhaskar, Principal at Elevation Capital, acknowledges this growing need and expresses his enthusiasm for Vegapay’s solutions. He states, “Financial institutions’ demand for modern credit platforms is accelerating at an unprecedented scale… These modern systems will form the foundation of all innovations by banks and credit providers. We see great potential in Vegpay’s solutions to fill this void.” This investment by Elevation Capital serves as a strong validation of Vegapay’s potential to disrupt the B2B fintech landscape.

A Look at the Competitive Landscape

It’s important to acknowledge other players in the B2B fintech space. Softbank-backed Zeta, another prominent fintech startup, offers technology backends for banks and recently launched a solution to support credit line-based transactions on UPI. This underscores the competitive nature of the B2B fintech sector, where innovation and agility are crucial factors for success.

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