A Series A fundraising round worth $5 million has been successfully raised by Thane-based healthtech business Watch Your Health. Leading the fundraising were Singapore’s Conquest Global and India’s Cornerstone Ventures. This huge investment represents a critical turning point for the firm, which is ready to grow its user base, operations, and technology infrastructure.

Strategic Use of Funds

With the recently raised money, Watch Your Health intends to expand its activities both nationally and globally. Additionally, the funds will be utilized to improve the business’s technological prowess and open the door for the development of cutting-edge health management programs.

Co-founder of Watch Your Health Ratheesh Nair stated, “With this investment, we will be able to improve our technological infrastructure, grow our user base, and introduce cutting-edge health management solutions.” Nair underlined the business’s dedication to using cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored health advice and enhance user experience generally.

About Watch Your Health

Located in the business-to-business (B2B) healthtech sector, Watch Your Health was founded in 2015 by Ratheesh Nair, Abhitosh Pandey, Jay Patel, and Prachi Shinde. To improve user experience and engagement, the startup collaborates with pharmaceutical companies and insurers. Watch Your Health uses cutting-edge analytics to deliver individualized advice for lifestyle modifications, diet control, exercise regimens, and health enhancements.

The business wants to revolutionize health care by using individualized treatment plans and AI-driven insights. Our goal is to completely change the way individuals take care of their health by utilizing individualized care and AI-driven insights. We think that early health management is essential to a better future, and this financing helps us get there,” Nair continued.

Innovative Health Solutions

Watch Your Health aims to introduce several advanced health management solutions, including electronic behavior records, mental health support, advanced predictive analytics for disease prevention, chronic disease management, and post-hospitalization care programs. These solutions are designed to offer comprehensive support to users, ensuring they receive continuous and proactive health care.

Expanding Partnerships

Watch Your Health has established partnerships with numerous healthcare providers to integrate their services into its platform. Notable partners include Watania Takaful and Shalina Healthcare in the UAE. These partnerships enhance the startup’s ability to offer a wide range of health management services to a diverse user base.

The company competes with other healthtech startups such as HealthifyMe, GOQii, Zyla, Vitality, and Sanlam. However, Watch Your Health distinguishes itself through its robust use of intelligent algorithms and AI-driven insights.

Market Potential and Strategic Impact

Nanika Kakkar, Partner at Cornerstone Ventures, highlighted the strategic value of Watch Your Health. “We believe Watch Your Health is targeting a globally relevant and complex need. It not only improves persistence with intelligent algorithms to enable underwritten premium discounts but more importantly improves health and wellbeing with this continuous engagement leading to lower claims for insurance companies. Truly built from India for a Healthier India. What we like the best about the platform is the ease with which it is able to attribute the value it is creating for its clients, and that impact is telling and consistent – leading to a value-share driven business model,” Kakkar stated.

The Future of Health Management

With the fresh funding, Watch Your Health is well-positioned to scale its innovative solutions and expand its reach. The company’s focus on proactive health management through personalized care and AI-driven insights sets it apart in the healthtech industry. As the global market for healthtech continues to grow, Watch Your Health aims to lead the way in transforming how individuals and organizations manage health and wellbeing.

Watch Your Health’s $5 million Series A funding round is a testament to its innovative approach to health management. By leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships, the startup is poised to make significant strides in the healthtech industry. As it expands its operations and enhances its platform, Watch Your Health aims to revolutionize the way people manage their health, promoting a healthier future for all.

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