Toxic work environments are a major concern in the Indian financial sector, especially in terms of sales and targets. Recently, two videos surfaced online revealing instances of verbal abuse by Bandhan Bank and Canara Bank managers at their lower staff for failing to reach targets.

Viral Videos Expose Workplace Abuse

In one video, released on April 24, a Bandhan Bank officer named Kunal Bhardwaj can be heard berating a younger employee for failing to achieve monthly targets. The footage shows Bhardwaj’s hostile tone as he reprimands the employee for perceived failings. Similarly, on May 4, another video surfaced showing a Canara Bank officer named Lokapati Swain chastising staff for choosing personal time over work duties. Swain’s words, captured on film, reflect the enormous pressure employees endure to put work over personal life.

Social Media Outrage

The circulation of these videos on social media platforms has sparked widespread outrage among netizens, who have condemned the behavior exhibited by the bank officers. Many have called for accountability and action to address the toxic workplace culture prevalent within the financial sector.

Calls for Reform

The viral films have rekindled debate about the need for reform in the banking industry to address workplace harassment and intimidation. Many people are urging for steps to be taken to create a healthier and more supportive work environment for bank employees. In reaction to the recordings, Bandhan Bank and Canara Bank published statements about the incidents. Bandhan Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to values and denounced the behavior exhibited in the video, noting that appropriate action has been taken in accordance with the bank’s policies. Similarly, Canara Bank has stated that it recognizes the efforts of its employees and their families while distancing itself from the officer’s behavior in the video. The bank has vowed to take proper action to address the matter while upholding its professional standards.

Reflections on Workplace Culture

The videos serve as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by employees within the financial sector, where high-pressure environments and stringent targets can contribute to toxic work cultures. The incidents underscore the need for systemic changes to promote a more supportive and respectful workplace environment.

The circulation of viral videos depicting bank officers berating employees highlights the prevalence of workplace abuse within the Indian financial sector. As calls for reform grow louder, it is imperative for banks to prioritize the well-being of their employees and take proactive measures to foster a positive and inclusive work environment.

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