Fast-Growing Platforms Provide Prime Real Estate for Advertisers to Connect with Users

Quick-commerce platforms like Zomato and Swiggy have evolved beyond mere food delivery services, becoming fertile ground for advertisers to engage with their audience effectively. These platforms, with their extensive user base, offer a unique space for brands to connect with potential consumers, marking a shift in advertising strategies.

Riding the Trend Accelerated by the Pandemic

What began as a rising trend, accelerated by the pandemic, has now become a prevalent advertising practice. Users seamlessly navigate these platforms, from browsing and reading reviews to adding items to their cart and making payments. With Zomato boasting over 50 million monthly active users and Swiggy with a user base of over 40 million, these platforms present a massive opportunity for brands to gain recognition.

Strategic Advertising Opportunities

As brands redirect their advertising budgets, platforms like Zomato and Swiggy offer a substantial user base for engagement and brand recognition. The effectiveness may vary based on factors such as consumer behavior, ad format, and product quality. However, the growing popularity of these platforms as advertising spaces is intriguing for advertisers, offering access to a large and diverse user base.

Shopper Media and Lower Funnel Ad Campaigns

Described as “shopper media” by Girish Ramachandran, Co-Founder and CEO of Shopalyst, this strategy holds value for brands, especially for lower-funnel ad campaigns. While Amazon has led in building a robust media business, other e-commerce platforms are catching up, attracting spending from FMCG brands.

Precision Targeting and Micro-Segmentation

These platforms gain prominence for their ability to micro-segment and target consumers precisely based on preferences and desires. Gopa Menon, Head of Digital, Mindshare, South Asia, emphasizes the razor-sharp focus on targeting, enhancing marketing efficiency and ensuring impactful results. As these platforms evolve, their significance in the marketing landscape is expected to grow.

Future Readiness Amid Privacy Regulations

With increasing privacy regulations and cookie deprecation, brands face challenges in identifying and reaching target audiences. Platforms like Zomato and Swiggy present an attractive alternative, providing access to a concentrated user base that is highly transactional. This becomes particularly relevant as third-party cookie tracking diminishes, leaving a gap for brands seeking efficient ad spending beyond major social platforms.

Empowering Brands with Control and Precision

Shashank Rathore, Vice President, E-commerce, Interactive Avenues, notes that the trend has been evident for years, and the introduction of biddable advertising platforms by these players has empowered brands with control over budget allocation, precise targeting, and profiling. These platforms are progressing towards sophisticated advertising platforms similar to global giants like Google, Facebook, or Amazon.

Effective Advertising: Immediate and Tangible Results

Experts highlight the strategic choice for businesses seeking immediate and tangible results within the digital purchase landscape. Advertising on popular platforms like Zomato and Swiggy places products directly in front of users ready to make purchase decisions, contributing to the overall effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.

Anticipating a Surge in Advertising Spends

With increasing popularity and scale, these platforms are attracting not only brands directly selling on them but also ancillary brands seeking to target the influential and transacting user demographic they possess. Advertising expenditure on these platforms has notably increased, particularly in sectors like food & beverage, grocery, and personal care. As marketers recognize their expanding potential, a surge in advertising spends on these platforms is anticipated, positioning them as indispensable tools for optimal engagement.

In summary, Zomato, Swiggy, and similar platforms are no longer just delivery services; they have become vital advertising spaces with the potential to redefine brand engagement and resonance with target audiences.

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