In a stunning reversal of events after the horrific Bengal train tragedy, a major complainant claimed that authorities forced her to sign a blank piece of paper. Nine people died when the Kanchanjunga Express, which was headed for Sealdah, collided with a goods train.

Incident Overview

The Kanchanjunga Express, which was headed for Sealdah, derailed on Monday after colliding with a goods train close to New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. At least ten individuals died and forty more were injured in the horrific incident. The Government Railway Police (GRP) responded to the event almost away, filing a First Information Report (FIR) on the basis of a complaint that was allegedly made by a passenger by the name of Chaitali Majumder.

The Complaint and Allegations

The Jalpaiguri Railway Police first filed a First Information Report (FIR) alleging that the goods train’s “negligent conduct of the loco pilot and co-loco pilot” was the cause of the tragedy. The complaint claims that there was a violent jolt from the collision, injuring passengers and causing a tumultuous scene. The co-pilot of the goods train was hurt and is undergoing treatment; the loco pilot sadly passed away.

Chaitali Majumder, however, later withdrew her testimony, saying she was not aware of any complaint made on her behalf, hours after the FIR was filed. Majumder said that she was forced to sign a blank document by GRP officers, and the document was then used to make up the complaint.

The Train Collision

The railway stations at Rangapani and Nijbari were the sites of the collision. Majumder related the horrifying incident in which the train jolted severely, forcing a baby to fall off its mother’s lap and sending others into a panic. Majumder was among the numerous passengers who suffered injuries. The grievance described how locals and other people assisted with the injured people’s evacuation and mentioned that a number of passengers passed away while being transported to the hospital.

FIR and Investigation

The GRP filed a formal complaint under the applicable sections of the Indian Railways Act, based on Majumder’s first accusation. The inquiry is now clouded by Majumder’s later denial of having submitted any complaints. She claimed that the GRP representatives had distorted what was in her purported complaint.

Current Status

Majumder’s claims have not yet received an official response from the Railway police. The complaint’s validity is being questioned, and the incident is still being looked upon. This adds another level of complexity to the current investigation into the horrific train accident.

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