The political landscape in Jharkhand is poised for a significant shift as Chief Minister Champai Soren faces a critical floor test in the state assembly today at 11 am. This development comes after his predecessor, Hemant Soren, resigned and was subsequently arrested by the Enforcement Directorate. The ruling JMM-led alliance, confident in its majority, brought back MLAs from a resort in Hyderabad ahead of the trust vote.

Key Developments and Statements

1. Floor Test Crucial Moment:
Champai Soren’s government encounters a crucial juncture with the floor test, a constitutional necessity to ascertain the majority. The alliance believes the test is a mere formality, citing the support of 47 MLAs, while the BJP questions the coalition’s confidence.

2. JMM’s Assertive Stand:
JMM’s Manoj Pandey dismisses the floor test as a formality, expressing confidence in the alliance’s unity with the support of at least 47 MLAs. Supriyo Bhattacharya, JMM general secretary, reinforces the assertion that Champai Soren’s government enjoys solid backing.

3. BJP’s Counter Narrative:
Pratul Shah Deo, BJP spokesperson, criticizes the alliance’s decision to hide MLAs, interpreting it as a lack of confidence. He remarks that regardless of the floor test outcome, Jharkhand has already suffered a humiliating episode on the national and international stage.

4. Opposition’s Critique:
Amar Kumari Bauri, leader of the opposition, lambasts the previous Hemant Soren-led government, accusing them of prioritizing corruption over promises. The opposition hopes Champai Soren will fulfill electoral commitments and questions the conscience of alliance MLAs.

5. Alliance MLAs Return:
The alliance MLAs, sequestered in a Hyderabad resort, return to Ranchi, exuding confidence in winning the trust vote. Mithilesh Thakur, a JMM lawmaker, claims support from some BJP MLAs for the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in the state.

6. Formation of Champai Soren’s Government:
Champai Soren assumed office amidst allegations of deliberate delays by the governor. He asserts the support of 47 MLAs in the 81-member Jharkhand assembly, while the BJP-led NDA holds 29 MLAs.

7. Hemant Soren’s Participation:
Former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, arrested by the ED, secures permission to attend the voting process during the floor test. This development adds a layer of complexity to the political dynamics.

8. Intra-Party Discontent:
Reports suggest dissent among JMM MLAs, with some potentially abstaining from the floor test. Lobin Hembrom, a JMM MLA, criticizes the resort strategy, contrasting with the party’s leadership stance.


Jharkhand’s political landscape is marked by tension and anticipation as Champai Soren’s government undergoes the litmus test of a floor vote. The outcome will shape the state’s political trajectory and influence the narrative leading up to the crucial election year. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding political saga.

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