It might be difficult to find the time to stay informed in our hectic lives. With hectic schedules and never-ending activities, staying up to date on the newest news frequently suffers. Nonetheless, keeping up with current events not only broadens our perspective on the world but also gives us the ability to take a more active role in it.

Inshorts provides an appealing answer for people who used to read the news every day but now find it difficult to stay up. Inshorts, which was founded in 2015 by three IIT dropouts, Azhar Iqubal, Deepit Purkayastha, and Anunay Arunav, has revolutionised the way we consume news. It began as a Facebook page with the goal of condensing news into 60-word news bursts that lacked context or commentary.

Company Highlights

Startup Name: Inshorts
Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sector: Digital Media, Internet, Mobile App, News
Founders: Azhar Iqubal, Deepit Purkayastha, Anunay Arunav
Founded: 2015

About Inshorts

A popular Indian news app called Inshorts compiles news, infographics, and blog entries into succinct 60-word summaries. What was once a simple social networking notion swiftly developed into a feature-rich mobile application that runs on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Because of its originality and relevancy, millennials and Gen Z users have taken a strong liking to it and its news distribution method.

Industry Landscape

With a strong development trajectory, the digital newspaper and magazine industry in India is projected to reach INR 1,079.00 million by 2024. This emphasises how digital media consumption is becoming more and more significant in the nation, with platforms like Inshorts meeting the changing needs of tech-savvy consumers.

Founders and Team

  • Azhar Iqubal: Co-Founder and Chairman, instrumental in shaping Inshorts’ strategic direction and growth.
  • Deepit Purkayastha: Co-Founder and CEO, leading the company’s operational and technological innovations.
  • Anunay Arunav: Co-Founder, contributing to the platform’s technical foundation and growth trajectory.

Startup Story

The founders of Inshorts saw a vacuum in Indian youth’s typical news consumption patterns, which gave them the concept for the app. They determined that their target audience needed rapid, easily absorbed news updates that fit their hectic lifestyles. They changed their strategy from running a Facebook page to releasing the Inshorts app in 2015 after receiving encouraging feedback. Times Internet and angel investors provided early initial money for the app.

Mission and Vision

Inshorts aims to become a global leader in digital information delivery, and its objective is to make personalised, succinct information easily accessible to everyone on the planet. The platform’s motto, “stay informed,” sums up its dedication to providing users with news and updates without overburdening them with long pieces.

Products and Services

The main offering from Inshorts is its mobile app, which is well-known for its carefully chosen news updates in both Hindi and English. It makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to present pertinent news articles according to user preferences, making sure that every update speaks to the specific user.

Business Model

Inshorts runs on a simple business strategy that emphasises advertising and user interaction. Because of the platform’s continued emphasis on user involvement, advertisers seeking to reach a tech-savvy demographic with targeted advertising find it appealing.

Funding and Investors

Inshorts has raised $164.9 million in fundraising rounds since its founding. Prominent names like Addition, Vy Capital, and Tiger Global Management are among the investors, demonstrating their belief in the platform’s growing potential.

Growth and Challenges

With a user base of over 100 million by 2024 and a presence in over 660 Indian districts, Inshorts has accomplished major milestones. Like any innovative project, it has encountered difficulties, especially in adjusting to changing consumer expectations and trends in digital media.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of Inshorts places a strong emphasis on user-centric strategies, using data analytics to optimise user experience and personalise content distribution. The app’s distinctive value proposition—concise, topical news updates designed for today’s reader—is the main focus of its marketing campaigns.

Competitors and Future Plans

Inshorts uses its distinctive format as a competitive advantage to compete with other digital news platforms like Dailyhunt and TOI. In the future, Inshorts wants to capitalise on the rising demand for condensed digital news consumption internationally by expanding abroad and diversifying its language choices.

In summary, Inshorts has not only upended conventional news distribution but also established a standard for innovation in digital media. It keeps reinventing news consumption in the digital age by satisfying the tastes of a new generation of readers. Inshorts is steadfast in its commitment to fulfilling its purpose of providing timely, accurate, and relevant informational material delivery as it navigates upcoming opportunities and obstacles.

This blog gives a thorough rundown of Inshorts, emphasising its history, accomplishments, and influence on the field of digital media. Keep checking back to Atom News for additional details on Inshorts’ expansion plans and market developments.

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