After spending the weekend at Camp David with his family, US President Joe Biden sent a clear message to any doubters on his intentions to stay in the presidential race. Biden reassured his fans and the country of his commitment to and capacity to govern despite a weak debate performance.

Biden’s Strong Message

With a tweet that said, “People, I know I’m not a young man, but I know how to do this job,” Joe Biden made a comeback to the spotlight. I’m capable of telling the truth. This announcement seeks to put an end to speculation regarding Biden’s candidature and is accompanied by a film that highlights purported lies made by former President Donald Trump during the presidential debate.

Family’s Role and Weekend Discussions

Biden was at Camp David on Sunday with his children, grandchildren, and First Lady Jill Biden. Originally arranged as a forum to address concerns within the Democratic Party following his debate performance, the event was also a photo session with Annie Leibovitz for the forthcoming Democratic National Convention. According to people familiar with the conversations, Biden’s family pushed him to stay in the race by praising him for defeating Trump and highlighting his staff’s debate preparation.

Reassuring Supporters and Addressing Concerns

After the debate, in response to growing doubts about his eligibility to continue in the race, Biden’s campaign has been making a concerted effort to reassure backers and funders. Even though some party members have been urging Biden to resign, his wife and son, among other close advisors, have been pushing him to carry on with the campaign.

Leading Democrats have openly endorsed Biden, demonstrating his enduring commitment to public service in spite of his lacklustre debate performance. During the discussion, Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia and Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina emphasised Trump’s lies and reaffirmed that Biden should be elected on his record.

Internal Party Dynamics

Although Biden’s family support and tweet are intended to dispel any worries about his candidature, the Democratic Party is still considering the fallout from his debate performance. Former Senator Tom Harkin recommended that in order for the convention to select a new nominee, Democratic senators should ask Biden to relinquish his delegates and resign. Though some committee members believe their concerns are being disregarded, DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison and Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, are optimistic about the future despite these worries.


To sum up, President Joe Biden has confirmed his dedication to the presidential contest, with the backing of notable Democrats and members of his family. Biden’s speech seeks to increase trust in his leadership and clear the path for a victorious campaign against Donald Trump in the next election, despite ongoing internal party worries.

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