Papua New Guinea’s highlands have become a battleground once again, as reports emerge of a brutal clash between rival tribes that claimed the lives of over 60 individuals.

Deadly Ambush in the Enga Province

  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Samson Kua confirmed the discovery of 64 bodies in the vicinity of Wabag town, located roughly 600 kilometers northwest of the capital, Port Moresby.
  • Initial reports suggest an ambush occurred in the early hours of Sunday, involving the Sikin, Ambulin, and Kaekin tribes.
  • Graphic videos and photos circulating online depict the horrific aftermath, showcasing bodies lying by the roadside and piled onto trucks.

Escalating Cycle of Violence

  • This incident highlights a long-standing issue in Papua New Guinea’s highlands, where tribal conflicts fueled by historical grievances and competition over resources have persisted for centuries.
  • The influx of automatic weapons, including high-powered rifles and shotguns, has tragically exacerbated the situation, increasing the lethality of clashes and perpetuating a cycle of revenge killings.
  • While local authorities have attempted various strategies to curb the violence, including suppression, mediation, and amnesties, success has been limited.

Limited Resources and Ongoing Fighting

  • Police report ongoing skirmishes in remote areas, highlighting the challenges in effectively controlling the situation.
  • Despite deploying around 100 troops, the military’s impact remains minimal, and security forces are often outgunned and outnumbered.
  • The remoteness of these communities further complicates efforts to intervene, allowing for surprise attacks and ambushes.

Civilians Caught in the Crossfire

  • The brutality of these conflicts extends beyond combatants, with civilians, including women and children, becoming victims of targeted violence.
  • Reports of machete attacks, burning, mutilation, and torture paint a grim picture of the human cost of this ongoing conflict.

Calls for Action and Underlying Issues

  • Prime Minister James Marape’s government faces mounting pressure to address the issue. Opposition leaders have called for increased police presence and the resignation of the police commissioner.
  • Experts attribute the intensifying violence to a rapidly growing population placing immense strain on land and resources, further exacerbating existing tribal tensions.

A Complex Problem with No Easy Answers

  • Resolving the conflict in Papua New Guinea’s highlands requires a multifaceted approach that addresses historical grievances, tackles the illegal weapons trade, and promotes sustainable resource management.
  • Additionally, improving law enforcement capabilities and fostering dialogue between rival communities are crucial steps towards achieving long-term peace.

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