Indian fintech giant Cred has delivered a knockout blow with its latest ad campaign, featuring a surprising team-up between acclaimed director S.S. Rajamouli and Australian cricket star David Warner.

The humorous ad centers around Rajamouli seeking a discount on cricket match tickets from Warner. Warner cleverly points him towards Cred UPI for automatic discounts, triggering Rajamouli’s vivid imagination.

Rajamouli’s Hilarious Vision

We’re then treated to a hilarious sequence where Rajamouli envisions Warner in a nightmarish scenario. Clad in flamboyant Indian attire, Warner stumbles through key scenes of Rajamouli’s next epic film, jeopardizing the entire production. The humor stems from the absurdity of the situation and the contrasting personalities involved.

Simple Yet Effective Execution

Despite its fantastical elements, the ad maintains a simple and effective core message – Cred UPI offers convenience and potential savings.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The ad’s originality is particularly noteworthy. It breaks away from the typical fintech advertising mold, marking a welcome step forward for Cred, according to industry observers.


The unexpected Rajamouli-Warner pairing appears to be a hit with audiences. The ad has garnered a “Mast” rating, a popular Hindi term signifying something excellent. This unique campaign is a clear winner for Cred, solidifying their position in the competitive fintech market.

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