Business-to-business (B2B) sales is a complex and competitive domain that requires a high level of skill, expertise, and relationship-building. B2B enterprises need to understand the needs, pain points, and goals of their customers, and tailor their solutions accordingly.  According to a report by McKinsey, 70% of B2B decision-makers prefer remote or digital interactions over face-to-face meetings, and 75% of them expect to buy more online in the future. This means that B2B brands need to adapt to the new reality of digital and remote selling, and leverage the power of data, analytics, and AI to enhance their performance.

One of the companies that is leading the way in this transformation is DaveAI, a B2B sales enablement platform that uses AI to create immersive and personalised experiences for prospects and customers. DaveAI leverages the power of virtual avatars, conversational AI, and Gen AI to create engaging and interactive sales journeys that increase conversions, retention, and loyalty.

How DaveAI Works

DaveAI’s platform consists of three main components: the avatar, the conversation engine, and the 3D visualisation technology. DaveAI’s virtual avatar is trained on the human-sales brain that can not only act as a sales assistant, or guide for the prospects and customers but also can provide real time personalised recommendations. The avatar can be customised to suit the brand identity, industry, and target audience of the B2B enterprise. The 3D visualisation engine enables brands to create realistic and immersive visualisations of the products or services offered to the customers.

DaveAI joining hands with ITC

DaveAI’s platform is leading the way in the future of B2B sales, because it has a proven track record of delivering successful results for its clients across various industries. DaveAI partnered with Wunderman Thompson, a leading B2B agency, to revolutionise surveys by introducing an interactive virtual avatar for ITC, a multinational conglomerate, as their client. Avatars humanise the survey experience. The engaging nature of avatars in surveys have led to higher participation rates.

How DaveAI Benefits B2B Enterprises

DaveAI’s platform offers several benefits for B2B sales, such as:

Enhanced engagement: DaveAI’s platform creates a more engaging and memorable experience for the prospects and customers, by using a human-like avatar that can communicate in a natural and conversational way, creating realistic and immersive visualisations of the products or services.

Increased conversions: DaveAI’s platform creates a more persuasive and influential experience for the prospects and customers, by using speech and NLP to create compelling and convincing messages.

Improved retention: DaveAI’s platform creates a more loyal and lasting experience for the prospects and customers, by using AI to provide continuous and consistent support, and by using ML to provide proactive and predictive solutions.

How DaveAI is Different

DaveAI’s platform is different from other B2B sales enablement platforms in several ways, such as:

Human-centric: DaveAI’s Empathetic AI platform is designed to create a human-centric experience for the prospects and customers, by using a human-like avatar that can mimic the emotions, expressions, and gestures of a real salesperson, and by using AI that can create a realistic and immersive environment for the  customers.

Intelligent: DaveAI’s platform is powered by AI that can create an intelligent experience, by using speech and NLP, that can understand customer queries, generate responses, and handle complex dialogues.

Immersive: DaveAI’s platform can create an immersive experience for the customers, by using computer vision, image processing, and 3D rendering that can create lifelike and interactive models of the products or services.


The future of B2B sales is here, and DaveAI is poised to lead the way. DaveAI is a B2B sales augmentation platform that uses AI to create immersive and personalised experiences for customers. The platform helps B2B enterprises in various aspects of the customer product discovery cycle, and helps imporve lead generation, qualification, and engagement. DaveAI also provides actionable insights and recommendations to optimise sales strategies and outcomes. DaveAI has a clear vision of creating a world where B2B sales is more human, intelligent, and immersive, and where B2B salespeople can use the power of AI to create better experiences, relationships, and outcomes for their prospects and customers.

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