From cars to the sky

Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corp. has announced a bold new venture – partnering with SkyDrive Inc. to develop and manufacture electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, commonly known as “flying cars.”

Production on the horizon

The companies plan to utilize a Suzuki Group factory in central Japan to build these futuristic vehicles, aiming to start production by Spring 2025. SkyDrive will establish a dedicated subsidiary for manufacturing, while Suzuki will contribute expertise in areas like talent acquisition and production prep.

SkyDrive’s backing

Headquartered in Toyota, Japan, SkyDrive has established partnerships with notable companies like trading house Itochu Corp., tech giant NEC Corp., and an energy subsidiary of Eneos Holdings Inc., demonstrating strong industry support for its flying car ambitions.

Collaboration history

This project extends an existing partnership formed in March 2023 between Suzuki and SkyDrive, focusing on research, development, and marketing of flying cars.

India expansion plans

Despite venturing into flying vehicles, Suzuki remains committed to its electric car roadmap for India, aiming to launch six electric models by 2030.

Additional context

  • This announcement highlights the growing interest and development in eVTOL technology globally, with many players entering the space.
  • Integrating Suzuki’s manufacturing expertise with SkyDrive’s technology could accelerate the commercialization of flying cars.
  • Potential applications for these flying cars could include air taxis, emergency response, and cargo transportation.

Overall, this news signifies a significant step forward in the development of flying cars, potentially bringing us closer to a future where air travel becomes more accessible and personalized.

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