Uncertain Path to Power

Pakistan’s election hangs in the balance as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) seeks alliances with PPP and MQM-P to form a government, potentially paving the way for Nawaz Sharif’s return as Prime Minister. However, controversy and accusations of manipulation cloud the process, highlighting the challenges ahead.

Key Points

  • No clear winner: Independent candidates supported by PTI emerged strong with 97 seats, followed by PML-N (76), PPP (54), and MQM (17).
  • Alliance talks: PML-N seeks partnerships to reach a majority, offering PM post while sharing other key positions.
  • PTI alleges rigging: Khan’s party challenges results in 18 seats, demanding investigations and raising concerns about legitimacy.
  • Protests and restrictions: PTI supporters demonstrate against alleged irregularities, leading to clashes with police and prompting authorities to tighten control on gatherings.
  • Election Commission under scrutiny: Decisions on vote recounts and delayed results in key constituencies raise questions about transparency.
  • Legal challenges: Losing candidates from various parties file petitions contesting provisional results, further complicating the process.
  • PTI demands CEC resignation: Khan’s party accuses the Chief Election Commissioner of misconduct and pushes for his removal.


  • The fragmented election results make it difficult for any single party to form a government, pushing towards coalition building.
  • PML-N’s potential alliance with PPP and MQM-P could face resistance from PTI supporters and raise questions about backroom deals.
  • Allegations of electoral manipulation and ongoing legal challenges threaten public trust and fuel political tensions.
  • The Election Commission’s actions and potential response to accusations will be crucial in ensuring the credibility of the process.


Pakistan’s political landscape remains uncertain as negotiations, protests, and legal battles unfold. The path to forming a stable government and addressing concerns about electoral fairness faces significant hurdles, casting a shadow over the future of the country’s democracy.

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