Exciting news for fans of the beloved manga series “One Piece” as Netflix gears up for the production of Season 2 of its live-action adaptation. With filming set to begin in June 2024, enthusiasts can anticipate the return of their favorite characters and thrilling adventures on the high seas.

Production Schedule and Release Window

Season 2 of the live-action adaptation of “One Piece” is slated to commence filming in June 2024 and conclude in January 2025. This seven-month production period aligns with the timeline of the previous season, indicating a consistent release schedule. Fans can expect the new season to potentially premiere in the first quarter of 2025.

Anticipation Among Fans

Eager followers of Eiichiro Oda’s manga series have been eagerly awaiting updates on the live-action adaptation. The announcement of Season 2’s filming schedule has generated excitement and anticipation within the fan community, signaling the continuation of the beloved saga.

New Co-Executive Onboard

Season 2 of “One Piece” welcomes a new co-executive, adding further depth to the creative team behind the adaptation. With experience in adapting beloved series, the addition of the co-executive promises fresh perspectives and creative insights into the world of “One Piece.”

Potential Plot Details

Speculation about Season 2’s storyline suggests a continuation of the epic adventure, with the narrative potentially delving into new territories and introducing intriguing characters. The inclusion of Smoker, a prominent figure from the manga, hints at exciting developments and faithful adaptation.

Cast Returning for Season 2

The core cast of “One Piece” is set to reprise their roles for Season 2, ensuring continuity and familiarity for fans. Actors such as Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, and Mackenyu will once again embody beloved characters like Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, and Roronoa Zoro, respectively, adding authenticity to the adaptation.

Record-Breaking Success

The popularity of “One Piece” transcends borders, as evidenced by its record-breaking success on Netflix. The series achieved remarkable viewership milestones, surpassing previous records and captivating audiences worldwide with its captivating storytelling and vibrant characters.


As production for Season 2 of “One Piece” sets sail, fans can look forward to an exhilarating continuation of the epic journey. With new adventures, familiar faces, and the promise of faithful adaptation, the upcoming season holds immense promise for enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the “One Piece” saga.


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