Engaging with Startups to Drive Innovation

Tata Steel has been actively fostering innovation and collaboration with startups through its Innoventure program over the past five years. One of the primary challenges the steel giant faces is decarbonization, given the significant carbon footprint of the energy-intensive steel industry.

Leveraging Deeptech for Process Optimization

To address critical areas such as energy management, AI and ML integration, robotics, and sustainability, Tata Steel is turning to deeptech startups. These startups bring innovative solutions and agility to accelerate technological advancements within the company.

Insights from Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, Vice President of at Tata Steel

Dr. Bhattacharjee emphasizes the company’s commitment to leveraging the creativity and agility of startups to drive technological innovation rapidly. Tata Steel is actively collaborating with startups specializing in advanced mobility, AI, ML, and robotics, among other areas.

MongoDB’s Role in Building Solutions for India

MongoDB’s Dominance in the NoSQL Database Market.With nearly half of the market share in the NoSQL databases category, MongoDB has emerged as a key player in providing flexible and scalable database solutions.

MongoDB is focused on developing tailored solutions to address the specific needs of the Indian market. Its robust database platform enables organizations to build and deploy applications efficiently.

India’s Economic Landscape and Technological Advancements

India witnessed a significant increase in representation on the Forbes World’s Billionaires List in 2024, with a total wealth of $954 billion held by 200 individuals. This reflects the growing economic prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit in the country.

The World Bank has upgraded India’s economic outlook, projecting a growth rate of 7.5% in 2024. This optimistic forecast is driven by robust activity in the services and industry sectors.

Recent Developments in the Tech and Financial Sectors

PhonePe’s collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board allows Indian travelers to make payments at over 8,000 merchants in Singapore, further enhancing the convenience of digital transactions.

Ola Electric reported a significant increase in revenues and operational profitability in FY23, driven by the expansion of its electric fleet services. Similarly, Zypp Electric witnessed a 3X growth in revenues, highlighting the growing demand for electric mobility solutions.

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