Attention Indian Marketing Agencies!

Are you ready to be lauded for the groundbreaking work that’s redefining the Indian marketing landscape? The Ascend Awards 2024 are here to illuminate your path to national acclaim.

This prestigious program isn’t just about awarding agencies; it’s about celebrating the exceptional talent within your teams and the impactful campaigns you create together.

A Spotlight on Collective and Individual Achievements

The Ascend Awards understand that success is a team effort. We acknowledge the strategic minds, creative geniuses, and digital wizards who make your agency a force to be reckoned with. Whether you’re a seasoned powerhouse or a rising star, the Ascend Awards have a place for you.

Shine a Light on Your Agency’s Success

Has your agency spearheaded a social media campaign that ignited the internet? Perhaps your innovative SEO strategy propelled your client to the top of search results, or maybe you masterminded a multi-channel campaign that delivered exceptional results.

The Ascend Awards offer a multitude of categories to honor your team’s brilliance across various marketing disciplines.  Do you cultivate a thriving work environment that fosters creativity and growth? Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized for your exceptional company culture. A nurturing and inspiring environment empowers your team to produce award-winning work.

Individual Recognition for Your Marketing Masterminds

The Ascend Awards go beyond agencies – we celebrate the talented individuals who make your agency shine. From the SEO strategists who navigate the ever-changing search landscape to the social media whizzes who craft captivating content, there’s a spotlight waiting for every exceptional marketing professional.

Become an Industry Leader

Winning an Ascend Award isn’t just about adding a trophy to your shelf. It’s about gaining extensive media coverage and establishing yourself as a leader in the Indian marketing landscape. Attract top-tier talent and elevate your reputation by showcasing your expertise on a national stage.  Winning an Ascend Award is a powerful marketing tool in itself, demonstrating your agency’s capabilities to potential clients and industry peers.

Ascend Awards 2024 Categories

Campaign AwardsRecognize outstanding marketing campaigns across various channels.
* Best Social Media CampaignHonors the most engaging and creative social media campaign.
* Best SEO CampaignRecognizes a campaign that significantly boosted organic search rankings.
* Best PPC CampaignCelebrates a standout Pay-Per-Click campaign that delivered exceptional results.
* Best PR CampaignAwards a public relations campaign that effectively enhanced brand image and reached key audiences.
* Best Not-for-Profit CampaignSpotlights a campaign that effectively drove awareness and action for a nonprofit organization or cause.
* Best Marketing CampaignAcknowledges a campaign that excelled across various marketing channels.
* Best Integrated CampaignRewards a campaign that successfully integrated multiple media channels.
* Best EventSalutes the planning and execution of a marketing event that provided an outstanding attendee experience.
* Best New Business CampaignRecognizes campaigns that effectively generated business leads and drove company growth.
* Best Crisis Communications or Response CampaignHonors a campaign that skillfully managed communications in response to a crisis situation.
* Best Use of AI in Client Campaign (NEW)Spotlights campaigns that innovatively incorporated AI technology.
* Best Use of ABM (NEW)Recognizes campaigns that effectively used Account-Based Marketing.
* ABM Campaign of the Year (NEW)Awards the most effective and strategic Account-Based Marketing campaign.
* Campaign Effectiveness AwardHonors a campaign that resonated with its audience and demonstrated measurable success.
* Best Global CampaignCelebrates a campaign that transcended borders, showcasing global reach and cultural adaptability.
Culture AwardsRecognize agencies that foster exceptional workplace cultures.
* Best Agency CultureRecognizes agencies with a thriving work environment that encourages creativity and growth.
* Best Charitable/Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeHonors agencies demonstrating commitment to social responsibility.
* Best Culture Transformation InitiativeAwards initiatives that successfully transformed agency culture.
* Best Flexible Working PolicySpotlights agencies that offer flexible working conditions.
* Best Inclusion and Diversity InitiativeRecognizes outstanding efforts to promote inclusion and diversity within the agency.
Agency/Team/Rising Star AwardsRecognize agencies and individuals across various specializations.
* Rising Agency Star AwardCelebrates an up-and-coming agency with significant potential.
* Digital Agency of the YearHonors an agency that stands out for its digital innovation and online presence.
* Media Buying Agency of the YearRecognizes an agency that has delivered outstanding results through strategic media buying.
* B2B Agency of the YearCelebrates a B2B-focused agency that has produced compelling and effective business-to-business campaigns.
* B2C Agency of the YearHonors an agency that has created successful and resonant business-to-consumer campaigns.
* eCommerce Agency of the YearSpotlights an agency with exceptional strategy and execution in eCommerce marketing.
* SEO Agency of the YearAwards an agency that has demonstrated superior skills and results in search engine optimization.
* PPC Agency of the YearRecognizes the agency that has executed pay-per-click campaigns with high conversion rates and effective cost management.
* Integrated Search Agency of the YearHonors an agency that skillfully combines SEO and PPC strategies.
* Social Media Agency of the YearCelebrates agencies that create impactful, engaging, and creative social media marketing strategies.
* Marketing Agency of the YearAwards a full-service marketing agency that has demonstrated a wide range of capabilities and outstanding results.
* Creative/Design Agency of the YearRecognizes an agency that has delivered innovative and visually compelling design work.
* Advertising Agency of the YearHonors an agency that has created memorable advertising campaigns with broad reach and significant impact.
* CRO Agency of the YearSpotlights an agency specializing in conversion rate optimization.
* UX Agency of the YearAwards an agency that has excelled in creating user-centric designs and experiences.
* Innovative Agency of the YearRecognizes an agency that has brought groundbreaking ideas and technologies to the marketing landscape.
* Independent Agency of the YearCelebrates an independent agency that has achieved significant success while maintaining its autonomy.
* PR Agency of the YearHonors an agency with exceptional public relations campaigns that effectively shaped public perception.
* Integrated Agency of the YearRecognizes an agency that successfully integrates multiple disciplines to provide seamless marketing solutions.
* Multi-Territory Agency of the YearCelebrates an agency that has effectively coordinated marketing efforts

Stay tuned for the official announcement revealing the specific award categories!

In the meantime, start thinking about the groundbreaking campaigns your agency has spearheaded.  The Ascend Awards 2024 is your chance to be recognized for your brilliance and innovation.

Don’t miss out – nominations are coming soon!