The renowned Bhojpuri singer-actor, Pawan Singh, known affectionately as Pawan Star, has made a significant political move by withdrawing from the Lok Sabha election race in West Bengal’s Asansol constituency and announcing his candidacy as an Independent from Karakat in Bihar’s Rohtas district. Singh’s decision comes as a strategic shift in his political endeavors, positioning himself against former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha, who is part of the BJP-led NDA alliance.

Political Maneuvering: From West Bengal to Bihar

Singh’s decision to contest from Karakat marks a pivotal moment in his political journey, especially after his withdrawal from the Asansol constituency following allegations of vulgar references in his songs targeting Bengali women. In response to the controversy, Singh expressed his commitment to contesting the elections and fulfilled his promise to his mother by choosing to run from Karakat. Additionally, Singh took to social media to address the allegations made against him and criticized TMC leader Babul Supriyo for allegedly defaming him using manipulated images.

Strategic Choice: Karakat Constituency Dynamics

Karakat, known for its significant Rajput and Kushwaha voter base, presents a unique electoral landscape for Singh’s candidacy. Despite being an upper-caste Rajput, Singh’s decision to contest from Karakat, a stronghold of the Kushwaha community, has raised eyebrows. With the Kushwaha community dominating the constituency’s political landscape for the past three elections, Singh’s entry adds a new dimension to the electoral dynamics. By strategically avoiding a clash with fellow Rajput candidates in Ara or Buxar, Singh aims to leverage his popularity and appeal to the Bhojpuri-speaking electorate in Karakat, comprising three key Assembly segments.

Electoral Calculus: Rajput Support and Triangular Contest

Singh’s electoral strategy hinges on mobilizing the support of approximately 1.25-lakh Rajput voters in Karakat, thereby challenging the dominance of Kushwaha candidates like Upendra Kushwaha and CPI(ML)’s Rajaram Singh. Despite facing skepticism from political rivals and observers, Singh remains undeterred in his quest to convert his immense popularity into electoral success. While acknowledging the formidable presence of national leaders like Upendra Kushwaha, Singh remains optimistic about his prospects in the upcoming elections.

Response from Political Circles

In response to Singh’s candidacy, political parties have offered varying perspectives on his electoral significance. While acknowledging Singh’s right to contest elections, parties like Kushwaha’s Rashtriya Lok Morcha downplay his potential impact on the electoral outcome. On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Manoj Sharma suggests that Singh’s decision may stem from a belief that he could be reconsidered for the Asansol constituency, following S S Ahluwalia’s candidature announcement.

Pawan Singh: A Journey from Music to Politics

Pawan Singh’s foray into politics marks a significant chapter in his illustrious career as a Bhojpuri music sensation and actor. Beginning his musical journey as a harmonium player, Singh rose to fame with hit albums like “Odhaniya Wali” and “Kaanch Kasailli.” His iconic song “Hilela Ara district” catapulted him to stardom in the Bhojpuri music industry, paving the way for a successful film career with movies like “Pratigya,” “Satya,” “Sher Singh,” and “Raja.”


As Pawan Singh embarks on a new political journey, his candidacy in the Karakat constituency underscores the intersection of entertainment and politics in Indian society. With the Lok Sabha elections looming, Singh’s candidacy adds an element of intrigue to the electoral landscape of Bihar, promising a riveting contest in the days to come. Stay tuned to Atom News for comprehensive coverage and analysis of the unfolding political drama in Bihar and beyond.

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