In the midst of a heated political battle in Karnataka’s Shivamogga, K S Eshwarappa, a former colleague of Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, breaks his silence and sheds light on the internal dynamics of the BJP, expressing his discontent with the party’s leadership and its approach towards candidate selection.

Eshwarappa’s Rebellion Against Dynastic Politics

K S Eshwarappa, a seasoned politician with a longstanding association with the BJP, has taken a defiant stance by contesting as an Independent candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. His decision stems from the denial of a ticket to his son, a move that Eshwarappa views as emblematic of the dynastic politics plaguing the Karnataka BJP.

Denial of Ticket to Eshwarappa’s Son

Eshwarappa reveals the underlying tensions within the BJP, particularly in Karnataka, where familial ties seem to dictate candidate selection despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aversion to family-based politics. Despite assurances from Yediyurappa, Eshwarappa’s son was overlooked for a ticket, leading to his rebellion against the party’s leadership.

Critique of Dynastic Politics

Expressing his disdain for dynastic politics within the BJP, Eshwarappa highlights the sidelining of prominent Hindutva leaders like C T Ravi and Pratap Simha, attributing the party’s electoral setbacks to the undue influence of Yediyurappa and his sons. He accuses the party high command of blindly trusting Yediyurappa’s decisions, leading to a disconnect with the grassroots workers.

Eshwarappa’s Political Calculations

Despite the risks associated with contesting as an Independent candidate at the age of 76, Eshwarappa remains steadfast in his resolve to challenge the status quo. He acknowledges the potential repercussions for his son’s political career but is determined to prioritize the interests of the party and the nation above personal considerations.

Targeting Minority Votes and Political Dynamics

Amid speculation about his impact on the electoral landscape, Eshwarappa dismisses concerns about splitting the Opposition vote by targeting minority communities. He asserts that his campaign has garnered support from disillusioned BJP workers and disaffected constituents, emphasizing the widespread discontent with the Yediyurappa family’s political hegemony.

Political Alliances and Offered Tickets

Refuting allegations of opportunism, Eshwarappa reveals that he declined an offer from Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav to contest on an SP ticket, underscoring his commitment to his cause within the BJP. Despite external pressures and legal challenges, Eshwarappa remains resolute in his defiance against the party establishment.

Prospects and Future Course

As the political landscape in Karnataka evolves, Eshwarappa remains focused on his electoral campaign, determined to expose the perils of dynastic politics and ignite a conversation about party reform. His rebellion symbolizes a broader discontent within the BJP ranks, hinting at a tumultuous path ahead for the party in the upcoming elections.

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