Prime Minister Narendra Modi has criticized the Congress-run state government of Karnataka, calling it a “ATM” for the party and denouncing it for allegedly mismanaging the state’s resources. Prime Minister Modi distinguished his vision and commitment for growth from what he views as idle pastimes during his speech at a Bagalkote rally during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Charges of Financial Mismanagement and ‘ATM’ Accusations

Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress had quickly emptied Karnataka’s coffers, placing the government in a precarious financial situation. He bemoaned the dearth of funding for infrastructure projects, emphasizing the effect on the state’s lawmakers who are finding it difficult to obtain financing for vital initiatives.

Vision and Devotion for Development

PM Modi emphasized the need for a clear vision and steadfast commitment to progress, stressing the value of commitment above casual pastimes. He called for a targeted strategy to advance the country, stressing that inaction is caused by a lack of vision.

Key Quotes from PM Modi’s Speech

PM Modi voiced alarm over the emergence of phony films purporting to be of him, blaming political rivals for attempting to damage his reputation. He encouraged people to report these incidents and gave his word that the proper measures would be implemented.

In reference to purported attempts by political rivals to sway public opinion through fabricated films, Prime Minister Modi called for alertness and issued a warning against the dissemination of false information.

By putting out the idea of religion-based reservations, PM Modi charged that the Congress was trying to change the Constitution and violate the rights of underprivileged groups, which is against the fundamental values of the document.

Drawing attention to the Congress’s alleged plan to introduce reservations based on religion, Prime Minister Modi warned against the party’s plans and asked people to exercise vigilance.

In reaffirming his commitment to defending the rights and reservations of the SC/ST, OBC, and Dalit groups, PM Modi promised to obstruct any efforts by the Congress to weaken these constitutional clauses.

Expressing solidarity with marginalized communities, PM Modi assured them of his unwavering support in protecting their rights and reservations from any potential encroachment by the Congress.

Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress was courting radical factions and putting political expediency ahead of the country’s well-being, especially when it came to fighting poverty.

PM Modi accused the Congress of employing divisive tactics to win votes and of failing to solve basic concerns, hence continuing poverty even after the party had been in power for 60 years.


Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, political tensions are rising between the BJP and Congress over a variety of problems, from financial mismanagement to religious reservations. This is reflected in PM Modi’s speech at Bagalkote. Both parties are fighting for public support as the campaign heats up and using language to persuade voters to support them.

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