CoinDCX, a significant cryptocurrency exchange in India, has issued a study arguing for changes to the country’s cryptocurrency tax rules. The paper underlines the importance of lowering Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on cryptocurrency transactions to improve compliance and tax transparency. Let’s get into the specifics of CoinDCX’s findings and recommendations.

CoinDCX’s Perspective on Crypto Taxes

CoinDCX’s paper, titled ‘Redesigning TDS for Transparency and Compliance,’ offers light on the issues presented by India’s current crypto tax regime. The exchange emphasizes the negative impact of a 1% TDS on cryptocurrency transactions, which was designed to improve transparency and compliance but has had unforeseen implications for the business.

Issues with the Current Tax Regime

According to CoinDCX, imposing a one percent TDS on all cryptocurrency transactions is detrimental to the dynamic nature of digital asset markets. According to the report, the high TDS rate has resulted in a considerable reduction in trading volumes, reducing income for both investors and industry actors.

Seeking Reform

CoinDCX calls for a change of India’s crypto tax rules to solve the deficiencies of the current system. The Exchange proposes lowering the TDS rate to enhance compliance while maintaining tax transparency. CoinDCX intends to create a favorable environment for cryptocurrency trading and investment in India by aligning tax rates with market dynamics.

Recommendations for Reform

CoinDCX’s paper proposes different approaches to cryptocurrency taxation that find a balance between revenue collection and market competitiveness. The Exchange proposes tax rates ranging from 0.01 percent to 0.05 percent, which it says will be adequate for collecting income tax from market makers while maintaining competitive spreads.

Collaborative Efforts

CoinDCX has collaborated with the Bharat Web3 Association to engage with the government and advocate for crypto tax reforms. The exchange has submitted its report to the relevant authorities, urging them to consider revisions to the existing tax framework for cryptocurrencies.

Response from the Government

While CoinDCX awaits a response from the finance ministry on its recommendations, the cryptocurrency community remains optimistic about tax reform. The final budget release, which is expected after the general elections, could give light on any prospective changes to crypto taxation in India. As CoinDCX continues to advocate for crypto tax reforms, the Indian crypto business remains enthusiastic about the possibility of a more favorable regulatory environment. By resolving the issues raised by the current tax structure, stakeholders hope to promote more compliance, transparency, and growth in the cryptocurrency sector.

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