A lovely blend of cultures, an Instagram user discovered this eye-catching sight in the center of London: a red double-decker bus covered in colorful ads promoting Kerala, the southwest coastal state of India. Within days of being uploaded, the video shared by user @ryan.ambattu.manathoor received over 4 lakh views on social media.

Picture-Perfect Scene in London

Envision meandering through the busy streets of London, encircled by the recognizable red double-decker buses that characterize the city’s architecture. It is very bizarre to see a bus that has been converted into a moving painting featuring scenes of Kerala’s green backwaters, peaceful beaches, and landscapes among this metropolitan patchwork.

Instagram Discovery

Instagram user @ryan.ambattu.manathoor was the first to discover the captivating spectacle and couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. A Malayalam song played as he strolled along the bus, enhancing the images of Kerala’s scenic beauty that were painted on it. The widely used hashtag #TravelforGood, which encourages viewers to visit Kerala’s stunning locations, adds to the draw.

Social Media Frenzy

The moment the video became viral, it inspired a surge of nostalgia and appreciation among online users. Comments began to pour in, with many praising and feeling proud of their country. The overwhelmingly positive response, which ranged from cries of “Alappuzha, Kuttanad Ammathiri” to proclamations of “Kerala power,” demonstrated how deeply people relate to and appreciate Kerala’s natural beauty.

Promoting Tourism Through

In addition to being a work of visual art, the Kerala Tourism advertisement on the London bus serves as evidence of the state’s tourism promotion initiatives. The hashtag #TravelforGood invites travelers to discover Kerala’s natural treasures while having a beneficial influence on nearby people, encapsulating the concept of responsible travel.

The video acts as a reminder of Kerala’s enduring charm and the fascination of its breathtaking natural surroundings as it keeps making the rounds on social media. Kerala’s captivating beauty continues to draw new lovers with every view and post, solidifying its place as a must-visit location for tourists looking for life-changing experiences.

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