UP Man Celebrates Daughter’s Divorce

A father in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, hailed his daughter’s homecoming home following a divorce in an intriguing video that went viral. Happy that his daughter Urvi was released from an unfortunate marriage, Anil Kumar celebrated her arrival with traditional music and festivities.

Lucknow Man Attacks Woman’s Car

An unsettling event happened in Lucknow when a man named Amit Yadav was seen on camera aggressively addressing a woman at a dhaba. In the video, Yadav is seen verbally insulting the woman, breaking into her car, and even taking her possessions, which infuriates the people.

Passenger Falls Attempting to Board Moving Train

An incredible scene was caught on camera when a passenger on the Kolkata-Jammu Tawi Express encountered a dangerous circumstance. The passenger lost his balance and fell into the space between the train and the platform while trying to get back into the moving train after stepping out. But a lady constable’s prompt action prevented a certain catastrophe as she quickly saved the man.

Russian Missile Strikes Hit ‘Harry Potter Castle’ in Ukraine

A Russian missile that was aimed at the famous “Harry Potter Castle” in Ukraine caused tragedy and wounded. The attack caused havoc on the castle, which belonged to former MP Serhiy Kivalov, and shocked people all over the world. The terrifying instant of impact, when the castle is enveloped in explosions, is captured in the viral video.

Festive Offer: Jasprit Bumrah’s Gesture to Young Fan

A sweet exchange between cricket player Jasprit Bumrah and a young Mumbai Indians supporter brought some happiness in the midst of the mayhem. Known for his sportsmanship, Bumrah interacts with the little fan in a nice manner, giving him his purple cap and making an impression.

These five viral films demonstrate the ability of digital media to capture and share significant moments, while also providing a window into the wide variety of experiences and events taking place globally.

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