Pawan Kalyan Touches Chiranjeevi’s Feet

Pawan Kalyan, the renowned actor-politician, achieved a significant milestone by winning the elections for the first time, becoming the MLA of Pithapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Upon returning to Hyderabad, he celebrated this historic victory with his family, including his son Akira Nandan.

Following a spectacular tour to Delhi, Pawan Kalyan arrived in Hyderabad, where his family greeted him warmly. The atmosphere in his home was one of delight and pride, reflecting the significance of his accomplishment. Pawan Kalyan stroked his brother Chiranjeevi’s feet in a traditional show of respect before cutting a celebratory cake with his nephews Ram Charan, Varun Tej, Sai Durgha Tej, niece Niharika Konidela, son Akira Nandan, and other relatives.

Celebratory Return to Hyderabad

In a video shared by Pawan Kalyan’s team on X (formerly Twitter), the newly-elected MLA can be seen arriving home with his wife, Anna Lezhneva, and son, Akira Nandan. As he steps out of the car, he is greeted with a shower of flower petals. The joy on his face is unmistakable as he hugs family members, including Ram Charan, Varun Tej, his sister-in-law Surekha, Niharika, and his mother, Anjana Devi.

Before entering the house, Pawan Kalyan receives a traditional harathi and bows down to touch his brother Chiranjeevi’s feet. Chiranjeevi, in a playful gesture, pulls Pawan’s leg before garlanding him. The moment is captured in numerous photographs with all the family members, including his brothers Nagababu and Lavanya Tripathi.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Pawan Kalyan’s family shouts and whistles as he cuts a large cake, capping off the festivities. Sai Durgha Tej, one of his nephews, whistles cheerfully, adding to the joyous atmosphere. Anna Lezhneva, Pawan’s wife, is seen cuddling Upasana Konidela. Pawan often touches his mother’s and sister-in-law’s feet to show respect.

The entire family revels in the joy of Pawan Kalyan’s political victory, which has brought immense pride to them. The victory is compared to the success of his film “Tholi Prema,” reflecting the magnitude of this achievement for Pawan, who stated that he hadn’t known victory for years.

Political Journey and Future Prospects

Pawan Kalyan’s journey in politics has been marked by determination and perseverance. His victory as the MLA of Pithapuram is a testament to his hard work and dedication to serving the people. This win not only signifies a personal triumph for Pawan but also marks a significant milestone in his political career.

As Pawan Kalyan embarks on his new role as an MLA, his focus remains on bringing positive changes and addressing the issues faced by his constituents. His success in the elections has invigorated his supporters and brought renewed hope for the future.

Family Support and Celebrations

Pawan Kalyan’s family has been extremely supportive of him throughout his political career. The celebration of his win with his family members exemplifies the close link and support structure that has been the foundation of his success. The presence of Pawan’s wife, Anna Lezhneva, and son, Akira Nandan, as well as other family members, emphasizes the value of family in his life.

The joyous celebration with his family reflects the collective pride and happiness in Pawan’s achievement. The touching moment when Pawan bows to touch Chiranjeevi’s feet signifies the deep respect and admiration he holds for his elder brother, who has been a guiding force in his life.

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