NuVentures, an early-stage investor, has successfully provided capital to Pivot Robots, an AI-driven automation firm. The funding support demonstrates NuVentures’ continued dedication to funding AI-first businesses. Pivot Robots’ position in the market was further strengthened by the participation of Y Combinator and a US-based fund in this most recent fundraising round.

Founders and Background

Siddharth Girdhar and Vignesh Rajmohan, both graduates of Carnegie Mellon University, founded Pivot Robots last year. The two founders have extensive backgrounds working for well-known internet businesses like as Meta, Google, and Uber, which gives them a wealth of experience. Pivot Robots’ inventive solutions for the industrial industry have been greatly influenced by their profound knowledge of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Technology and Innovation

Pivot Robots automates industrial robots with advanced AI vision control software, focusing on the dangerous and labor-intensive activities that are common in the manufacturing sector. With the US industrial industry struggling with a labour crisis, their first solution addresses a critical need by automating the grinding of metal parts.

“Pivot Robots is developing software to assist manufacturers in automating some of their most labor-intensive and dangerous tasks, starting with the castings industry,” said co-founder Siddharth Girdhar. We are excited to work with NuVentures as a partner since they provide us with crucial assistance in finding talent and acquiring customers in the US and India, two important manufacturing hubs.

Partnership with NuVentures

The investment that NuVentures made in Pivot Robots is a component of their larger plan to assist businesses driven by AI that have the potential to completely transform whole sectors. “In Siddharth Girdhar and Vignesh Rajmohan, I found two passionate entrepreneurs with a clear vision and a disruptive approach to enhancing efficiency in the manufacturing sector,” said Venk Krishnan, the founder of NuVentures, expressing his excitement for the relationship. Leading AI research-doing institutes in the US and India, in my opinion, will produce important advancements in the field.

Founded by Venk Krishnan, the inventor of NuWare, NuVentures has a track record of supporting profitable businesses like Acko and Mu Sigma. More than 40 companies, including Pocket Aces, Foxtale, Geist Beer, and Third Wave, are part of their portfolio. Prominent individuals like Dhiraj Rajaram, the creator of Mu Sigma, and Kris Gopalakrishnan, the co-founder of Infosys, provide advisory help to the company as well.

Broader Impact and Future Prospects

Y Combinator’s support and NuVentures’ funding are important turning points for Pivot Robots. With this funding, the firm will be able to develop its products more quickly, reach a wider audience, and improve its AI vision control software. Pivot Robots seeks to revolutionise the industrial industry by automating labor-intensive procedures, resulting in a more efficient, secure, and flexible environment.

The backgrounds of Girdhar and Rajmohan enhance the startup’s legitimacy even more. While Rajmohan has studied large language model (LLM) applications for robotics at the Atkeson Lab, Girdhar has created multi-agent algorithms for warehouse robots at Nimble Robotics. With their combined knowledge, Pivot Robots is able to maintain its lead over traditional robotic automation, giving industrial robots greater efficiency and agility.

Industry Context and Challenges

The labour scarcity, safety concerns, and need for more efficiency have put the industrial sector at a crossroads. The AI-powered solutions from Pivot Robots take on these problems head-on and provide manufacturers seeking to modernise their processes with a workable route ahead. Pivot Robots improves the performance of industrial robots by incorporating AI vision control software, which enables them to carry out difficult jobs with more accuracy and minimal human intervention.

Customer and Market Strategy

Pivot Robots takes a calculated and innovative approach to growing its clientele and market. Through the network and resources of NuVentures, the firm can gain access to important industrial hubs in both India and the United States. Their target market is expanded by this dual-market approach, which also encourages international cooperation and innovation.


For Pivot Robots, the successful fundraising round spearheaded by NuVentures represents a turning point. The firm has the potential to have a big impact on the manufacturing sector as it develops and implements its AI-driven automation solutions. Pivot Robots is an example of the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in resolving practical issues. The company has substantial financial support and a well-defined future goal.

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