For Indian startups, the first half of 2024 has been particularly difficult. The “capital-starved” ecosystem, as Inc42 describes it, has faced a funding crunch. Still, there’s a ray of hope! A much-needed break was provided by a welcome increase in funding levels in June 2024.

Zepto, a fast commerce player, won a big $665 million funding round, which may be partially credited for this good trend. Even if this one incident doesn’t completely resolve the financial issues, it does signal a possible comeback and give hope.

A Focus on Homegrown Innovation

While the funding situation is on the mend, a complete recovery still seems distant. This underscores the importance of fostering homegrown innovation within the Indian startup scene. Inc42, a leading platform dedicated to Indian startups, continues to shine a light on these innovative ventures.

The 30 Startups To Watch List

As the first half of 2024 draws to a close, Inc42 presents its latest edition of the “30 Startups To Watch” list. This curated selection highlights some of the most promising ventures currently thriving in India’s startup ecosystem. These companies represent a diverse range of industries and are poised to make significant contributions to the Indian economy.

Unveiling the List: A Celebration of Indian Ingenuity

To discover the complete list of “30 Startups To Watch” in June 2024, head over to the Inc42 website. There, you’ll find detailed information about each company, allowing you to delve deeper into their innovative solutions and track their progress. By supporting these homegrown ventures, we can collectively contribute to the continued growth and vibrancy of the Indian startup ecosystem.

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