In a bid to ensure smooth passage for emergency vehicles and critical healthcare delivery, the Gurugram traffic police have implemented a hefty fine of ₹10,000 for any individual hindering the movement of ambulances and fire trucks. This decisive action aims to address a persistent issue in the city and prioritize the well-being of those seeking urgent medical attention or facing fire emergencies.

Strict Enforcement with Video Evidence

DCP Virender Vij, Gurugram’s traffic police chief, emphasizes the seriousness of the new measure. He confirms that zonal officers will actively record video evidence of any violation, ensuring swift identification and penalization of offenders. Online challans with accompanying video proof will be issued promptly, leaving no room for ambiguity or dispute.

Justification and Rationale

Justifying the hefty fine, DCP Vij highlights the critical role ambulances play in transporting critically ill patients. He states, “This will help those on the way to different hospitals in ambulances in serious condition.” The move underscores the administration’s understanding of the potential life-or-death consequences of delayed emergency medical care due to traffic obstructions.

Building on Existing Initiatives

The new measure adds to Gurugram’s existing efforts to prioritize emergency vehicles. The traffic police already facilitate “green corridors” for ambulances carrying organs for transplant surgeries, demonstrating their commitment to saving lives.

Expanding Traffic Enforcement

Alongside addressing ambulance and fire truck obstruction, Gurugram traffic police are extending their focus to ensure road safety on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. A recent regulation prohibits commercial vehicles from using the first two right lanes on the expressway, with fines of ₹500 and ₹1,500 imposed for first and subsequent violations, respectively. DCP Vij emphasizes the importance of spreading awareness about these regulations among transporters and drivers to ensure compliance.

Wider Implications and Public Response

This multifaceted approach towards traffic management in Gurugram is expected to have a significant impact on public safety and emergency response times. While the ₹10,000 fine might seem harsh, it serves as a strong deterrent against potentially life-threatening behavior. Public response to this initiative remains to be seen, but it has the potential to foster a culture of respect for emergency vehicles and responsible driving behavior.

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