Union Minister’s Concerns

Union Minister Narayan Rane expressed disagreement with the Maharashtra government’s decision to extend all benefits enjoyed by the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) to the Marathas until they receive reservations. Rane warned that this move could lead to unrest in the state and result in the suppression of the Maratha community, encroaching on other backward communities.

Historical Traditions and Dissatisfaction

In a Marathi statement on X, Rane emphasized the historical traditions of the Maratha community and raised concerns about the potential dissatisfaction among the various communities in the state due to the decision. He announced plans for a press conference to address the matter further.

Government’s Draft Notification

The Maharashtra government, in a draft notification, included all blood relatives of the Maratha community as members of the agrarian Kunbis, enabling them to avail benefits similar to those provided to OBCs. The decision comes in response to the demand for broader inclusion of the Maratha community in the OBC category.

Resolution of Activist’s Fast

Activist Manoj Jarange, who initiated an indefinite fast in support of the Maratha community’s demands, called off the fast after the government’s draft notification. However, he pledged to continue the agitation until all the agreed-upon benefits were fully implemented.

Continued Agitation

Jarange emphasized the need for concrete benefits for at least one person from the Maratha community under the new rules introduced by the state. While acknowledging the government’s draft, he stated that the final notification was awaited, and the community would closely monitor developments.

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