Janata Dal-United (JDU) chief Nitish Kumar was sworn in for the ninth time as Bihar Chief Minister, signaling a significant shift in political alliances. Breaking ties with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Congress, Kumar formed a coalition with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The swearing-in ceremony introduced a reshaped team, with key figures such as Samrat Choudhary, Vijay Kumar Sinha, and others, ushering in a political transformation in Bihar.

Key Players in the Revamped Team

  1. Samrat Choudhary – Deputy Chief Minister and BJP State President:
  • An influential figure in Bihar politics, Choudhary assumed the state BJP chief role in March last year.
  • Previously associated with multiple parties, including RJD and JDU.
  1. Vijay Kumar Sinha – Speaker of Bihar Assembly and Key BJP Leader:
  • A member of the upper-caste Bhumihar community, Sinha’s political journey began with the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.
  • Elected to the Bihar Assembly in 2010 and later served as the Minister of Labour Resources.
  • Became the Speaker of the Bihar Assembly in 2020, known for handling tense situations.

Strategic Caste Balancing

The appointment of Choudhary, an OBC leader, and Sinha, representing the upper-caste Bhumihars, showcases a strategic move by the BJP to balance caste considerations. This pairing aims to appeal to OBCs while retaining support from the core upper-caste base.

Broader Cabinet Composition

The revamped cabinet includes leaders like Prem Kumar, Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, Vijendra Yadav, Santosh Kumar Suman, Shravan Kumar, and Independent MLA Sumit Kumar Singh.

Caste Representation

JDU’s Shravan Kumar, belonging to the Kurmi community like Nitish Kumar, is part of the cabinet. Kurmis constitute 2.8% of Bihar’s total population, according to recent caste surveys.


Nitish Kumar’s ninth term as Bihar Chief Minister, coupled with the realignment of political alliances, introduces a dynamic team with strategic caste considerations. The presence of key figures from diverse backgrounds underscores the political intricacies shaping Bihar’s leadership.

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