Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, raised concerns over the Congress party’s alleged intentions to redistribute the wealth of citizens, particularly targeting women’s gold and mangalsutras. Modi’s remarks came amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha election campaign, where he highlighted the Congress’s purported plans if it were to come to power.

Allegations against Congress

Modi accused the Congress of planning to conduct a survey of citizens’ properties and redistribute their wealth. He cited former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement about minorities having the first claim on the country’s resources, suggesting that the Congress would even go as far as seizing women’s mangalsutras and redistributing them to ‘infiltrators’.

Criticism of Congress Policies

The Prime Minister criticized the Congress for instilling fear among marginalized communities, including Dalits, tribals, and minorities. He alleged that the party spreads lies about democracy, the Constitution, and reservation to intimidate these communities.

Modi’s Opposition to Congress Policies

Modi vehemently opposed the Congress’s proposed actions, questioning whether the government has the right to seize citizens’ property. He emphasized the emotional significance of gold and mangalsutras for women, stating that they are not merely objects of wealth but are associated with their pride and dreams.

Reactions from the Crowd

Addressing the crowd in Banswara, Modi sought validation for his stance, asking them if they agreed with the Congress’s purported plan to redistribute wealth. He highlighted the emotional and cultural significance of gold and mangalsutras in Indian society, suggesting that the Congress’s actions would infringe upon the rights and sentiments of women.

Concerns over Resource Redistribution

Modi expressed concerns over the Congress’s alleged intentions to redistribute wealth, particularly to those with more children, implying a reference to Muslims. He questioned whether hard-earned money should be allocated to ‘infiltrators’ and emphasized the adverse implications of such policies on the socio-economic fabric of the country.

Accusations against Congress Welfare Policies

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of neglecting the welfare of tribals during its 60-year rule, highlighting its failure to appoint a tribal President. He portrayed the BJP as a party committed to the welfare of the poor and honest governance, contrasting it with the Congress’s purported agenda of fearmongering and corruption.

BJP’s Commitment to Welfare

Modi reiterated the BJP’s commitment to the welfare of all sections of society, emphasizing its focus on honesty and integrity in governance. He accused the Congress of resorting to fear, hunger, and corruption to manipulate voters, urging citizens to reject such tactics and support the BJP’s vision for progress and development.

Modi’s address in Banswara underscored the BJP’s ongoing campaign against the Congress, particularly highlighting concerns over its alleged plans to redistribute wealth and target women’s gold and mangalsutras. The Prime Minister’s accusations reflect the political polarization and contentious rhetoric characterizing the current election season in India.

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