French President Emmanuel Macron is set to arrive in Jaipur on January 25 for the 75th Republic Day celebrations, where he has been invited as the Chief Guest by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here are the top 10 highlights of President Macron’s visit.

1. Tour of Amber Fort: President Macron will commence his visit with a tour of the iconic Amber Fort in Jaipur. This marks the beginning of his itinerary, emphasizing the rich cultural heritage of the Pink City.

2. Commemorating 25 Years of Strategic Partnership: Macron’s visit coincides with the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the India-France Strategic Partnership, highlighting the enduring diplomatic ties between the two nations.

3. Vibrant City Decorations: Ahead of the French President’s arrival, Jaipur has adorned itself with vibrant decorations, featuring posters of both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Macron, reflecting the excitement surrounding the visit.

4. Chief Guest at Republic Day Celebrations: President Macron is visiting India as the chief guest for the 75th Republic Day celebrations, an honor extended to him by Prime Minister Modi, signifying the importance of India-France relations.

5. French Armed Forces Participation: In a symbolic gesture, a contingent from the French armed forces will actively participate in the Republic Day parade and flypast, standing shoulder to shoulder with Indian troops and aviators.

6. Joint City Tour with PM Modi: After being received by PM Modi, President Macron will embark on a joint tour of the Pink City, exploring landmarks such as Jantar Mantar and engaging with artisans, stakeholders in cultural projects, and students.

7. Bilateral Talks: Following their city tour, the two leaders will engage in in-depth bilateral talks, discussing matters of mutual interest and further strengthening the diplomatic ties between India and France.

8. Ministerial Delegation and Eminent Personalities: Accompanying President Macron will be a ministerial delegation comprising Stephane Sejourne (Europe and Foreign Affairs), Sebastien Lecornu (Armed Forces), and Rachida Dati (Culture). Additionally, a C-level business delegation and other eminent personalities, including ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, will be part of the visit.

9. Sixth Participation in Republic Day: President Macron’s visit marks France’s sixth participation as the chief guest on India’s Republic Day, underscoring the significance of the bilateral relationship.

10. Strengthened Defense Ties: The active participation of the French armed forces in the Republic Day parade serves as a symbol of the robust defense ties between India and France, reinforcing the strategic partnership.


President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Jaipur not only adds a cultural touch to the 75th Republic Day celebrations but also emphasizes the collaborative spirit and multifaceted cooperation between India and France.

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