The Ayodhya district administration has taken decisive measures to control an overwhelming pilgrim rush during the consecration of the Ram Mandir. With the influx of devotees continuing on the second day, Ayodhya’s borders have been sealed, restricting entry except for emergency vehicles and those carrying perishable items.

Security Reinforcement

In response to the escalating crowds, additional Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel have been deployed outside the temple premises for effective crowd management.

Strategic Blockades

Blockades have been established 15 kilometers ahead of the district borders, specifically on routes from Basti, Gonda, Ambedkar Nagar, Barabanki, Sultanpur, and Amethi. Traffic from these routes has been halted, allowing only emergency vehicles and those transporting perishable items to enter certain sections of the district.

Public Transport Cancellation

To further regulate the situation, state-run buses and trains destined for Ayodhya have been canceled temporarily, contributing to the overall control of vehicular movement.

Administrative Statement

Ayodhya Commissioner Gaurav Dayal clarified the measures taken, stating, “All traffic towards Ayodhya district has been prohibited. We are trying to ease the situation, allowing only essential services to enter Faizabad.”

Government Appeal to VIPs

The state government has issued a special appeal to VIPs, urging them to notify either government officials, the temple trust, or the Uttar Pradesh Government before planning visits to Ayodhya in the next seven to ten days. This preemptive measure aims to streamline VIP visits amidst the surge in devotee footfall.

Prime Minister’s Advisory

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised his cabinet colleagues to refrain from visiting the temple until March, considering the unprecedented rush and ensuring smoother proceedings.


Ayodhya’s proactive measures, including border sealing and controlled entry, reflect the administration’s commitment to ensuring the safety and orderly conduct of the consecration events during this significant period.

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